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Warren Welch in 2011This is my web site that I started in 2003. Here you'll get information about the two books I've written, find pictures of my family and personal history, learn about the year I spent in Vietnam, view pictures and charts about my genealogy story, observe pictures of South Texas, and follow links to web sites I recommend. On the Books page, you can buy my books, or download complete PDF copies of many books that are out of copyright protection, including my great grandfather's book, A Memoir of the First Treasurer of the United States.
I hope that you find my web site to be both interesting and informative.

  Vietnam The Way I Saw It
  Many people have written books about their experiences in Vietnam. I wanted to approach the subject from my perspective as a support technician who was there very early in the conflict and never had to experience the effects of incoming Chinese rockets, their base perimeter being penetrated, or the Tet offensive in 1968.
  Most of my approximately 2,000 slides and pictures from Vietnam got lost during the trials and tribulations of life, and I am left with 100 slides that I had digitized in 2000. I have included over 70 of my best pictures from Hawaii and Vietnam in this book, as well as many stock photos, maps and documents.
At 70 years old my memory is not what it once was, but I have tried my best to be factual and not embellish my experiences.
  Thank you for your interest in my book and I hope you enjoy it.

Memoirs of a Common Tater
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Vietnam The Way I Saw It
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